I don’t think I know many people who dislike wine.

Friday, Jackson and I met up with our friend LeAnn and her daughter Ashlynn.  She had told me about a wine tasting at Whole Foods that went on every Friday from 6pm-9pm.  What a perfect activity for a Friday evening when you are tired from the work week yet excited to get out and do something social!  We decided to meet at Whole Foods around 6:30pm for a little wine tasting and shopping.

Upon arriving, we noticed the line was lingering out the front door!  A little surprised we joined in the mix of people.  LeAnn told me she had checked the website to learn that Whole Foods caps the tasting at 200 people.  Wow!  Who knew our babies were going to their first super trendy event?  Luckily the line moved fairly quickly giving us just enough time to talk, but also provided enough motion to keep out little ones entertained.

For just five dollars, you received a Whole Foods wine glass, a menu of the wine and food pairings, and a plastic fork.  What a deal!

Here was the line up:

  • Station One – Goats Do Roam White Table Wine paired with an avocado and feta salad.  The wine had a bit of a fruity taste with a hint of floral undertones.  Great wine for salads or a fruit & cheese tray!
  • Station Two – Clara Benegas Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc paired with a terriyaki sirloin and pasta dish. I naturally love chardonnay and have a love / hate relationship with savignon blanc. This wine was g – double o – d!  It was soft in nature with a slight fruity taste.  I would definitely buy this bottle if I were having friends over to sit outside on a sunny afternoon.
  • Station Three – Urano Malbec paired with grilled chicken and spicy raspberry sauce.  I haven’t met a Malbec that I haven’t liked and this one fit the bill.  It was delicious while sporting a berry taste (not sweet at all) with a first sip but quickly changed form.  Yum, Yum!  I would serve this at a dinner party with any grilled meat dish.
  • Station Four – Cantora Cabernet / Carmenere paired with a cheesy bread.  Can I say super delicious?  Because it is!  Any red wine lover would notice the full body flavor of dark fruits, spices, tannins…and I could go on.  This wine had so much flavor.  I would (and am) serving this at a wine tasting party.  I am so excited to share this wine!!
  • Station Five – Toso Sparkling Brut paired with chocolate cake.  I puffy heart champagne.  This would be a perfect celebratory bottle or just a fun “drink at a party” bottle!

After finishing the wine obstacle course, we ended up in the wine section looking for all of our favorites. Meanwhile, they babies were avidly flirting with each other.  Ashlynn standing up in the cart, raising her hands above her head and dancing and Jackson reaching over to Ashlynn, sticking his fingers into her mouth.  I swear….they didn’t have any wine!  Overall, a great Friday night, while still getting home before nine o’clock.


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